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Star Bursting Envelope


Thank you so much for sharing time with me! If you had an amazing experience or wish to share your thoughts or impressions of your Reiki session please share them so that I can try to be the best I can be and support others in their pursuit of optimal, holistic wellness. 


Angela, is absolutely wonderful! From the moment she greeted me with her radiant smile,

I felt welcomed. Her positive energy lit up the entire room!

She led me gently to her safe space of healing, and relaxation took place immediately.

There's not even a chance for anxiety to set in as you try something new,

because she will make sure YOU are at ease.
We started with conversation in sharing thoughts. This amazing practitioner is quite intuitive!

She listens to what you have to say completely and keeps the flow going by gently

pulling out parts and pieces of what is seething beneath the surface.

She gave me exercises to do in between visits to promote healing.
Once you get on the table the magic, if you will, begins.

She has a variety of instruments that she tailors towards your specific needs.
I learned so much about myself and the journey that I am on during the very first visit.

Angela is very composed, professional, intuitive, loving, and gentle.

She came into my life at precisely the right time, and I mean not a moment too soon.
If you are ready to relax, rejuvenate, and get in

touch deeper within yourself, this is the space to do it.

Angela is an incredible guide that will gently allow you to

explore every aspect from buried traumas to your greatest joys

in life and promote healing to your mind, body & soul!!

-Lindsey Cunningham-

Some people are just meant to be in our lives.

They are put on our paths for different reasons.

That person for me is Angela. I feel like our souls have known each other always.

She is kind, loving, and an empath just like me.
She invited me to do a Reiki session with her as
she noticed that I am in need of some

healing, both physically and mentally and most importantly spiritually.

There are so many negative emotions that envelop me.

I cannot meditate or clear my mind as it runs wild with thoughts all of the time.

Today, for the first time in my life, I was able to have some clarity

and my mind was free of the clutter.

This was all because of this wonderful technique called Reiki.

It was all by the healing hands of Angela. It was beautiful.

I saw a purple aura. My body felt free.

I felt a peace that I have not had in a very long time.

It is hard to describe unless you experience it for yourself.

I will be returning for more healing from my new friend and soul sister.

Thank you Angela from the very bottom of my heart!
Love and Light, Tiffany D.

Fourth session with Angela and every time it is even more wonderful. She is helping me to mentally and physically heal. She is a truly gifted! She is my friend. She is me. She listens to me and helps me with issues that others might find insignificant. I look forward to our sessions together and when I am with her I feel an inner peace that I have not had in so long. I suffer from a genetic kidney disorder and she is helping me specifically in that area. I cannot recommend her services enough!! I wish I could shout it from the rooftops!

Thank you so much Angela!

Five stars isn't enough to express the transformation

that I am experiencing since working with Angela.  

I've had several sessions with her and I am starting to feel like myself again!! After going through several different losses, I almost completely shut down.

I had no desire to work, socialize and didn't really care if I left my house.  

She spent several sessions talking & getting to know me before she starts her Reiki work.  During the sessions, she told me numerous things that come up regarding issues of my past.

 These things were never discussed prior.  

I'm not sure how it works, but just know that it does.  

Give Angela a try.  

She is a warm and wonderful person that truly cares about my well being and helping others!!!

Thank you Angela:)

Kim V

I highly recommend booking a Reiki session with Angela. The entire experience is wonderful from start to finish. She has such a welcoming space that immediately sets the tone and fits the name of her business perfectly. Without me having to say a word, she picked up on multiple areas in my body that were bothering me, and I've felt a difference since the session. Angela is a great practitioner both for those who have had Reiki many times or for someone brand new to this type of healing- you will feel at ease regardless. Don't hesitate- book a session with her today!

Sarah T.

I went to Angela after having a few weeks of several health issues, not knowing what to expect as far as possible outcome, but with an open mind. Angela has created a beautiful and comfortable space

in which to share her gift, and it truly is a gift.

She moved energy around in by body, for sure. As another reviewer said, I experienced Purple! I didn't know what that meant, but felt good. I felt intense heat when Angela had her hands near the soles of my feet.

I left there feeling very relaxed.
As the days after my visit went on, I realized that I wasn't having the chronic migraines or the shoulder discomfort I had been experiencing before. I also had a lot more energy and got things done.

Angela is a beautiful soul, with a truly caring heart.
My life has been richly blessed by her. Go see her. You won't regret it.

Lisa J.

Angela services are top tier. She listens to you mind body and soul. She has the ability to help you clear a path that leads to healing. Angela creates a safe space that is inviting and nurturing. I would recommend if you are unsettled in any area of your life to give Safe Space Healing a shot!

Brooke Anderson

I am so grateful, thankful and blessed that Angela and Safe Space Healing

was recommended to me by a dear friend.

I feel so much better, physically and emotionally,

and have more peace and joy than I’ve had in years.

Reiki was new for me, but I can truly say it was a God send.


This was a great birthday gift for me.

Great investment in myself for my body, mind and soul.

I would definitely recommend Angela.

She very knowledgeable and I left feeling better and full of knowledge.

Chastity Thomason

Can’t think of a better way to treat yourself.

Angela lives up to the name safe space healing.

She’s professional, knowledgeable and dedicated

to giving you the best healing experience possible.  

Joan Boyce

I just wanted to thank Angela for a great Reiki session. Angela was able to identify several areas in my body that needed work or healing.

She was not aware that I was having problems with my right knee, but she realized pretty quickly that my right knee and ankle were problem areas and needed attention. I was able to do my morning walk very next day without pain in that knee.

I do realize that I need more work there, so I am excited to see how well my knee continues to improve with each visit. She worked on several other areas of my body as well. I loved that she gave me great feedback on what she saw was happening in my body and what she did to help clear old negative energy and what she helped to heal in other areas. Her environment is peaceful and calm and relaxing.

I also felt less stressful as the day wore on and can only contribute that to my session with Angela. It was a great experience!

Allison H.

I absolutely loved my first Reiki session with Angela. Prior to going, I wasn't sure what to expect but I did some homework and read about the process.

I stay fairly stressed out between work and family so I couldn't wait for my session.

Angela made me feel safe and relaxed.

Her knowledge of Reiki is in depth and she has put in the work to make this a beneficial process for her clients.

She showed genuine interest in me and shared her own story and the benefits she felt I could receive with Reiki.

After my session, I felt relaxed and very in tune with my inner thoughts and energy. I can't wait to have another session with Angela and

I would encourage others to give this unique experience a try.

Kimberly Courtney

Safe space is warm and welcoming. It was my first experience with reiki. Within minutes I was relaxing peacefully while Angela did her reiki magic.

She is professional, friendly and knows her stuff!

At the conclusion she shared some valuable insights and helpful suggestions.

Grateful for the experience.

Remington Johnson

My experience at Safe Space Healing was like no other!!

I can’t put into words how great I felt after my session!

Angela was so professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease and demonstrated that she truly cared about me and my health.

I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

Amy P.

As a purpose driven mindset coach is is easy to put others first.

Angela is so intuitive that she knew I needed some take care of "me time".

Part and parcel of what I do is helping others unburden and

Angela also helped me cut some emotionally charged ties and shared renewed clarity.
I will surely return and also recommend time in her "nest" to others in search of peace, relaxation, and joy as it radiates from her sweet spirit. 

Diane G.

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