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 Have Questions?


Have Questions?

Hey There!

My name is Angela. I am a South Carolina Native who loves reading, learning, traveling & spending time in nature.  

I adore my husband of 20 years and our border collie, Remy who is with me everywhere I go.

I graduated in 1990 (yikes) from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Sociology & a minor in Psychology.

I am also an Usui Reiki Master.

Reiki came into my life due to a desire to heal my mind, body & soul.  

This ole gal is a continual work in progress.  

My healing journey has been rigorous & enlightening & I wouldn’t change a step.  

I include my story to show that true change and happiness is possible. 


I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason.”  Here is how Reiki “happened” for me.  

About twenty years ago, I started to notice that my bones & joints were aching constantly, everything hurt.  

I also experienced debilitating back problems ever since my early 20's as well and 

I would spend an entire week in bed with back issues.

My health, emotions & relationships were suffering.


Along with other healing modalities, I started working on myself mentally, physically & spiritually.

Today, I am pain free, and I do not rely on prescription medications.  

As a result, I have more vitality, energy & I feel great.  

I finally love myself and lead a joyful and authentic life. I also can handle anything that comes my way.

I am not offering a magic pill.  But for me, this is where real change happened.  

Consider this a shared safe space where you are unconditionally accepted.

You can be vulnerable and realize your authentic self & life.

Let's spend some time working on rebuilding all the energy

that the past couple of months of your entire life has taking away from you.

I am excited to begin this journey with you!



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