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What to Expect

Before you arrive:


· To save time, I ask that you fill out the Intake form and either email it to me or bring it to   your appointment

· No food 2 hours before your appointment if possible.

· Cease hydrating 90 minutes before your appointment

· Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes

· Natural state with no makeup or jewelry if possible.

· Turn cell phone off 30 minutes before our meeting to allow relaxation to set in


When you arrive:


· We will take a few minutes to check in and see how you are feeling

· You will remove only your shoes and lie down on the massage table

· I will sanitize my hands and then begin non-touch Reiki


During your session:


· Sensations may vary greatly

· You may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep

· You may experience a sense of heat in different areas of your body

· You may experience gas/indigestion as you may be clearing issues or un-congesting the    body.  No worries, we have all been there.




· You can expect to feel euphoric as we released endorphins and adrenaline into your body.

· Begin hydrating after the session ends

· Stay calm and relax the remainder of the day

· Do not make major decisions for the next 24 hours

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