Hey There, I'm Angela

I am a South Carolina native.  I love reading, learning, traveling, and spending time in nature.  I adore my husband of 19 years and our border collie, Remy who is with me everywhere I go.  I graduated in 1990 (yikes) from the College of Charleston with a B.S. in Sociology & a minor in Psychology.

 I am also a Reiki Master. Reiki came into my life due to a desire to heal my mind, body and soul.  This ole gal is a continual work in progress.  My healing journey has been rigorous & enlightening & I wouldn't change one step.  I include my story to show that true change is possible. 


I believe “Everything Happens for a Reason.”  Here is how Reiki “happened” for me.


Nineteen years ago, I started to notice that my bones & joints were aching constantly, everything hurt.

 My health, emotions & relationships were suffering.  

After an exhaustive process of visiting numerous specialists for years.

 I was diagnosed with a number of auto-immune issues such as:

 Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis & Fibromyalgia just to name a few.

I would come out of the doctor’s office with 3 more things wrong with me than when I went in.  

I could find no remedy that I felt comfortable following, so I sought more holistic healing modalities.  

Reiki was the one that really resonated with me and formed profound inner changes as well. 


Along with other healing modalities, I started working on myself mentally, physically & spiritually; 

Creating boundaries and loving myself no matter what comes my way.  

Today, I am pain free, and I do not rely on prescription medications.  

As a result, I have more vitality, energy & I feel great.  

I am not offering a magic pill.  But for me, this is where real change happened.  

As I have grown and evolved over the past couple of years, 

I have learned some profound and life-changing lessons and techniques.  

I can't stop seeking knowledge, taking classes and searching new and better ways to live

Cutting edge modalities that can make your life so much more than you were told it could be.  

I am ecstatic that I have learned them.  

How exciting would it be to learn these as well?  

I can’t wait to share them with you!


Consider this a shared safe space where you are unconditionally accepted.  

You can be vulnerable and realize your authentic self and life.  

Let’s spend some time working on rebuilding all the energy

that the past couple of months or your entire life has taken away from you.  


I am excited to begin this journey with you!